Sunday, October 17, 2010

something sweet on sundays

this week my sister and i saw dig! at my school. why you ask? because my friend runs the film series program and has been bugging us to go since we were freshman. so i thought cool i like the dandy warhols i'm game plus the director ondi timoner was going to be there. now the other part of this story goes like this my friend john the guy that runs the film series has ben bugging us to make him cup cakes. i don't remember how or when this started but, we make cupcakes for our bake sale (woo print club!) so we gave him six (2 chocolate, 2 yellow, and 2 yellow with chocolate chip cookie dough inside) i tell you this to get back to my other story at the movie (which was awesome and every one should check it out!) we brought john his long awaited cupcakes. told him which ones had cookie dough and left. the next day he told me that he only ate two because ondi ate 4. which one you ask? the ones with the cookie dough. which made my day. so lets hear it for cupcakes!!!!!!

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love and cupcakes

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