Wednesday, April 14, 2010

playing catch up.....123

i've been trying to play catch up with everything in life so here are some things Im missing here
1. is band of the week
this weeks band is the avett brothers
i had them on my ipod for a few months now and I've only listen to die die die all the time but the other day i had it on shuffle and one of their songs called i and love and you came on and i fell in love with them again.

2 fashion obession
cute different t-shirts

3 artist im in love with.
Danny Brito my sister got me so into his work shes making obsessed

i love this outfit so much im thinking of going to joann fabrics and getting these fabrics to make it!

hope you enjoyed this catch up post!
images via weheartit, google images, and danny brito blog

love and cupcakes

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  1. yeah i know i rule!!! i always get you obsessed with artists its a gift really...:)